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Perfect women

The Perfect Women

Introducing the 'perfect woman': Men say their dream lady has Kim Kardashian's complexion, Selena Gomez's eyes, Jessica Biel's body - ...
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best villain ever

Best TV Villians ever

 "Rolling Stone" has put together a list of 'The 40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time.'  Ben Linus from "Lost" ...
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Anti Val

Red Tuesday

Only we can turn a show about being dumped before Valentines day into a fantasy valentines date with a prostitute, ...
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012 Uncensored – Sex Toy Olympics

Join us we fall into a hilarious sex toy Olympics and Jane tries out a bunch of toys live in ...
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Learn to be a Viking

Be a Viking!

  Of course it was SuperBowl Sunday and the 50th time we have had to see 2 team stop start up ...
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No Ragrets

Vodkka Jane for president! Jane talks about the idea of having her as a president, feel like supporting her? go ...
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google that

Let’s Google together

Google is a gift and a curse, today Jane and Steve explore the curse that is google images. Steve also ...
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Jane and pheven

We talk passports, Canadians, Argentina tea, and learning to ask for prostitutes that will allow DP in Spanish, Just another ...
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'Did you order something from Amazon?'

First show back… Again

From selling cars to ordering from amazon we talk about what has been going on with life since our last ...
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