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weird questions

Weird Questions

A new study figured out what weird question people in every state Google more than anyone else. Some of the ...
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pizza #1 food in america

Divided we fall

What started out as a, what is your favorite thing turned into how we need to simply be nice to ...
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Suddenly it all clicked, gay rights, equals rights for women, extreme sports and car. It was like a light bulb ...
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Open Vagina Sheeple

Its an Alex Jones special show today, so hold onto your collective sheeple minds. From the new marketing chewbacca  to ...
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my reaction to hold the door

Hold the Door

Well the final scene of Game of Thrones last night was a killer!. Did Holdor story bring you to tears? ...
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2016-05-20 13.33.49

Freaky Friday

Join us for a Friday for whatever day, Steve's come up with the idea of the Naked DJ to challenge ...
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Annoying Drivers

According to a new survey, people who text are the most annoying drivers . . . followed by people who ...
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Cooking with John Wilson

Cooking with John

Get your mind out of the gutter people, we talk pointless inventions with the new one being a cat licker: We ...
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Human Dickipede

Mix bag of goodies today from Open chest request, sleep studies for Steve and should your boss be able to ...
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