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002 Classics with Charlie

Join Charlie with his Club Classics every Friday from 2pmEST. The weekend officially  starts here. Listen to all the classic club hits ...
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11/24 11 reason to have sex tonight

So a new study claims to give 11 reason to have sex tonight, we think they are crap and ask ...
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001 Uncensored – Let talk about sex

Vodkka Jane of starts her own radio show with her Husband Steve, They talk Sex, Relationships and everything in ...
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11/23 Man Periods

A quarter of British men believe that they experience a monthly 'man period', according to new research.   As part of ...
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001 Classics with Charlie

Welcome to the start of your weekend with Charlie LIVE from London every Friday right here. Club Classics that get you ...
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women using a banana for a BJ

11/20 Horror BJ Stories

We know you girls think any blow job is a good blow job. That guys are just happy you're there, ...
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11/19 Black Friday National Holiday?

The best bet for a new national holiday is a day that commemorates our fallen countrymen.  And with the number ...
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Regrettable sex stories

11/18 Regrettable Sex Stories

According to a new study of 600 men and women, 45% of people have at least one person they wish ...
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11/17 Whats on your phone!

You probably shouldn't go through your partner's phone.  Mainly because you need to trust them.  But also because you REALLY ...
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